Health Insurance

Individual, family, or group we will find the best coverage for your needs and budget.

Life Insurance

Living without life insurance puts you and your family at signifcant risk.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare plans typically cover most health care costs facing seniors.


Health Insurance

I’m here to help you find the best insurance plans for your family, and your budget. Want coverage for your prescriptions, or the lowest premium? Let me save you time and effort by searching through plans on your behalf.



You need to be insured, but it’s more difficult than ever to find affordable health insurance that meets your needs and budget. Individual insurance plans will help cover serious medical emergencies, and preventative healthcare services. Health insurance will help you save money on doctor’s visits, prescription purchases, preventative care, and other services not list here. A typical plan for individuals come at a monthly premium and can include other costs such as, annual deductibles, and copayments.

Whether you’re looking for low-cost or high coverage with low out-of-pocket expenses, let me know your budget and coverage needs, and I’ll help you find the right plan.


When choosing coverage for family there are certain requirements based on age, family size, and potentially income to consider. A family plan covers two or more persons, such as a spouse or dependent under the age of 26. Some dependents with disabilities over the age of 26 may be eligible for coverage under family plans.

Family is the most important thing in our lives. I can help you find the right coverage that’s tailored to your family. Let me put your mind at ease by covering your loved ones with a plan that doesn’t break the bank.

Small Business

Providing your small business with health insurance is a great way to show your employees their worth to you. Currently the Affordable Care Act requires small businesses to provide insurance if they employ more than fifty people full-time. If they fail to provide health insurance to their employees, they may be subject to fines.

Employers with group health insurance plans will share the cost between employee and the company for those opting into coverage. If your small business is considering group coverage for employees there may tax incentives available.

Health plans for small businesses can be difficult and time consuming to find. Let me help you show your employees how much you appreciate them with a great small business plan.

Why Choose Us?

The plans are offered by some of the most experienced and highly rated health insurance providers in the Unites States. We can offer Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and traditional health insurance plans.

Insurance can be complicated

We know going through insurance plans can be confusing and tedious. Multiple plans, options and expenses make the process even more daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

Sifting through all those plans is our job, and we pride ourselves in finding the best coverage for your needs. We’re here to give you peace of mind, and minimize your headaches when life is throwing you a curveball.

Our vision for you

We use a wide range or guides and options to inform you to shop smart. Using data and insurance calculators to aid in your decision-making process. We do side by side comparisons to show you the difference in options from different companies and plans.

We have a strong relationship with carriers and will not hesitate to let you know which might be best for your situation. Changing or buying a new policy can be done over the phone or online with one of our experienced agents. Hufnagle Insurance Group is proud to serve you the policies you need.

Be Protected during a downpour

Connect with our experts to find coverage and products that will match your needs. We use technology to search for you, to match your needs and budget to find coverage that works when you need it. This helps us to be efficient and effective with your needs, as well as, saving you money.

Providing exceptional service drives us to serve our policy holders. Even during times of great stress and social distancing, we are here for you. Innovating to be better leaders and provide service when and where our customers need us. The world is changing, insurance is changing, you are changing, let us stay on top of the shifting landscape to provide you with essential information.

We use our experience and confidence to bring you peace of mind. We’ve covered thousands of cases and use decades of experience to make your life easier when you’re in need. It is our goal to get you covered and bring you peace of mind. Don’t get caught in a downpour, let us help you get covered.

Cat's Corner

The Story

A customer came to us after multiple mistakes by other insurance providers. During open enrollment a company claiming to be a large provider contacted this client to sell her a policy. The policy they sold her was for short term insurance, that charged more for her coverage and didn’t cover her preexisting conditions.

She realized the mistake of this policy and tried to switch providers which ended up creating more headaches. The new company mixed up her records and added more medical conditions that she didn’t have. This led to her being dropped by that insurance agency. After all these issues, she came to us for help.

We were able to get her a Medi-share plan after open enrollment until the next open enrollment. She was able to find health, dental, and vision coverage through the marketplace for 50% of the original companies’ policy. She now has insurance coverage that works for her, covering the preexisting conditions that she actually had.

The Lesson

Its easy to get overwhelmed and consider continuing what you had without shopping around. The landscape of insurance changes quickly and what worked yesterday may not today. That’s where we make life easy for you, we search and stay up to date with insurance policies to help you make informed decisions. Insurance coverage for your needs when you need it most.